Abeokuta City – JAC Motors Abeokuta 10KM Race

Abeokuta City

Abeokuta is a city found in Ogun which is a state in the south-western geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Abeokuta doubles as Ogun state’s largest City as well as being the State’s Capital. The State is bounded by Ondo to the North, Oyo, and Osun to the East, the Republic of Benin to the West and Lagos plus the Atlantic Ocean on the South.

A total land mass of about 338 square meters with an estimated population of about seven hundred thousand city inhabitants. Abeokuta has a Tropical Savanna Climate with an estimated annual temperature of 27.1 degrees centigrade.

Abeokuta is a place with several points of activities around the city which range from commercial to recreational and spiritual. Notable markets include the Iberekodo Market, the Gbangba Market, and the Kuto Market where buyers access a wide range of items.

The city also has a number of tourist attractions which include the famous Olumo Rock, the Olubara’s Palace, the Alake Palace Ground and the Lisabi Sacred Forest.

Home to diverse great-tasting cuisines and these dishes include delicacies such as the Obe gbure Elegusi and the Lafu and Ewedu dish.

Abeokuta offers an all year round business and calm environment for visitors but this potential becomes more prominent during special events and festivals such as the Olumo and the Lisabi festivals and these special occasions provide the best time for visitors to embark on a trip to Abeokuta as business becomes more lucrative and there is a general appreciation in the feel and entertainment provided by the City.